Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter everycat and bean

It is already Easter sunday here. I hope you all get a visit from the bunny.

Have a lovely day.

Poppy Q and mum


  1. Just dropping in to wish you a Happy Easter. The air is getting nippy - autumn is here!

  2. Happy Easter! Its not here yet, and i donna what dat even is!

  3. And the same to you!!

    Ah, Easter came all too soon this year, nothing springlike whatsoever about it, just lots of snow, which is fine, if it was winter...:/

  4. Happy Easter Poppy Q, I am home with the homesitter whilst the humans are in Japan, so they are getting nearer to you. Purrs FAZ

  5. Happy Easter to you both! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you some nice treats.

    Poppy Q-Maybe your Mum will give you some ham. If I recall, that was one of your New Year's Resolutions to eat more ham?

  6. Happy Easter, Poppy Q, to you and yours from me and mine - we hope you're having an eggxtra special day!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    & everybody at Artsy Catsy

  7. Hello you beautiful PoppyQ! Do you celebrate Easter on Monday also in New Zealand? We do in Germany so mommy still does here in America too:)
    Hugs and lots of love from your little Miss Peach

  8. Hi poppy Q, Hope you had a nice Easter....did the easter bunny bring you anything?

    Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf

  9. Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny didn't visit us but That Thing went to hunt for the Easter Bunny.