Friday, March 14, 2008

My super Friday friend

Hello lovies, it is time for my Friday friend. This is the day of the week, where I get to tell my friends and family about another cat blogger. You see, they might be busy and have not got to meet you.

This week my friend is very special
  • He was found with his sister dumped on the front doorstep of an animal shelter
  • Even though his mom already had six pussycats, she found room in her heart and in her house for him
  • He has been to the hospital for lots of tests and is very, very brave.

This week my special friend is Moki, and you can find his blog at :

Mokis mom says on his blog, that when he was with her, he got sick with an upper respiratory infection. He had antibiotics, then got a urinary tract infection (UTI) too. Moki also walks very wobbley like a drunken sailor. If you goes to his blog, his mom has posted some videos of this handsome fella wandering about.

So Moki has spent a lot of time at the hospital lately, as the doctors are trying to diagnose what he has, so they can help him. The next step is for him to have a MRI scan (I thought he should have a CAT scan - hahahaha). That will cost his fambly a lot of dollars, so you could ask your beans to help you save some coins to help Moki out. He has a donation button on his website, where you can donate some monies. It is through paypal which is a super easy and safe way to donate, and all the money goes towards Mokis healthcare.

Some of the Moki furfambly gang, crashed out on the couch.

So thanks for visiting me, and meeting my super friend Moki.

Have a good weekend everycat and bean.

Poppy Q


  1. yes indeed, Moki is a very special friend...and you too Poppy!

    hav a great weekend,
    'meaouwy troops'

  2. Oh Wow! Thank you so much Poppy Q for making me your "Super Friday Friend." I am very honored indeed!My momma bean has a test to take this afternoon, but she says once she is finished, she will help me write an offical thank you to you and your bean on our bloggie!!

    I'm Poppy Q's "Super Friend Friday," I'm Poppy Q's "Super Friend Friday." I'm Poppy Q's "Super Friend Friday..." I'm going to run around the house and brag to all the other kitties... They'll all be so jealous!!!Hehe

  3. Yes, we are very fond of Moki too. We would so like to see him able to run and play like other kitties. He's very brave.


  4. Thanks for introducing us to Moki. I am going to go visit him now.

  5. I think Moki is a very brave boy and I think that it is wonderful that his humans are helping him so much. Moki is the perfect friday friend!

  6. Hi Poppy Q,

    I has a little something for you...When you get a chance stop by to pick it up!

  7. YAY for Moki! My Mommie and Daddy think he is very precious and adorable. He has a very nice website that we like to visit a lot.