Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ohearlyoclock HUGE adventure

The other morning, at ohearlyoclock my mum had to go to work. She lives two streets away from work, so I thought I would follow her. I walked down this street, even though she told me to go home and tried to chase me back. I thought it was a game and kept following her. When i gotted to the end of the st and didn't know where I was I cried, so she chased me back and said "Poppy girl, go home".

When she came home, an hour later, I heard her jangle her keys and cried out. i was on this peoples balcony, 1 1/2 stories high.

Mum talked to me and told me I had to jump from the green wall, onto the garage roof.

I then had to jump from the garage roof, onto the garden.

Then I had to jump from the garden, onto the footpath.

Then I had to run around the corner - that's our street mum!! Boy, am I glad to get home.
Mum says she is going to buy a water pistol, to chase me back home with so I don't get losted.
I has a collar on, and I has a microchip too - so don't worry.
Poppy Q


  1. Heavens to betsy, you're almost as bad as your "brother" Monty!

    I'd hate it if anything happened to you!

  2. Oh no, Poppy Q! You left your yard? You were out in the street with cars? Yipes!

    We never leave our yard and we run back to the cat flap if we hear a noise we are suspicious of. You must be so much braver than us.

  3. dun worry Poppy, sometimes going outside once furr a while would be hillarious, but stay away from busy streets, cars & strangers.

    felinesopher & her gank at meaouwy troops,
    musings in the myriad of feline, human & philosophy

  4. Wow, Poppy, you really did have a big adventure. You are very brave! I do not think you should follow your mom to work because work is No Fun.

  5. wutta grate advenchur poppy q!
    see dat big tree in yer garden? i wood luv to climb dat tree.
    i think climbin to grate hitez iz da bes thing a cat can do!

  6. AAAIIIEEE! Poppy! No, no, no, no, no!
    Those cards aren't made of marshmallows you know!!!!!!

  7. That was some adventure, Poppy! But be careful! I wouldn't want be sooper dooper friend to get losted.

  8. Poppy, that was one big adventure - but we think that it should be enough to hold you for a while. There's no doubt that you're a very brave kitty, but we'd like it best if you stayed away from streets with cars. Have fun catching those bugs (cicadas) in your yard - I (Tasha) know that I did when they were around here.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  9. WHAT an absolutely exciting adventure!

  10. Poppy Q peas be careful! Adventures are fun, but I would be so scared of getting stolen. See a gorgeous cat like yourself is the type that many humans want! Also cars like gorgeous cats like you, and so do their tires.


    We love you Poppy, be careful!

  11. Excuse us, Poppy, but we are going to worry. Because collars and tags can be lost and lost pets are not always scanned. So don't follow your mum any more. We don't want anything to happen to you.


  12. Holy cow!!! That is way too skeery! Be furry keerful, ok?

    Luf, Us

  13. Poppy Q,

    Don't get lost or stray from your yard! You would miss your mommy and your home and you might get hurt in the big bad world!!!

    Kodak, Winton and 3 perf

  14. What a mighty brave kitty you are Poppy. Those big nosie things are scary, be sure you keep very far away from them.

  15. Oh, Poppy Q, be careful. If you keep trying to follow your mom to work, she might get you a job, too ... then no more daytime naps!


  16. Oh my goodness! That was a huge adventure! Please don't do that again, Poppy Q.

  17. Poppy!! What a crazy adventure. You didn't seem too worried though. I have adventures here but it is out in the boonies with hardly any cars around.

    You are pretty brave and maybe a little bit crazy too. :)


  18. That is a great adventure. I makes you an honorary meezer adventurer likes me.