Monday, October 8, 2007

Bye miss Jasmine

Bye bye Jasmine. I like this pictue of you sitting on your mums work table. Checking out her making a gizzy quilt. Boy, I guess your home is gonna seem really empty now you are gone. Mum and Millie will miss you lots. And now the carpets gone, Millie will have to play thundering herds of elephants by herself. She will have no one to hiss at, but I know she will miss you. You were a lucky girl, having such a good home and lots of love.

But we know that you will be looking after Gizzy. He must of been lonely, waiting by himself and needed you to come and look after him.

Millie and mom, you take care of yourselves. We all know you are hurting, but you will be ok.

Your friends,

Poppy Q and mum


  1. That was a lovely tribute to Jasmine. We are very sad for her family.

  2. I was very sad to learn the news about Jasmine. But I am sure that Gizzy and Jasmine are playing together now at the Bridge.

  3. Oh Poppy, you're such a sweetie. Sugar must seem sour compared to you. :purrs:

  4. It is very sad to lose a friend and/or family member. I am thinking of you all now.

    Rugby without NZ and OZ is pretty strange.
    My male human (who is Australian) loves the song/dance the All Blacks perform before a game starts.

  5. This is a very beautiful tribute for Jasmine.

  6. That is beautiful, Poppy Q ...

  7. Awe dat's nice. It's nice to see them in such a way and you're right - their family are hurting but will feel better soon. We bet they feel efun better seeing dis nice tribute.