Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Being a Kiwi Cat

Being a kiwi cat.
  • Most of us are outdoors/indoors cats. We usually have our own cat door so we don't have to ask to be let out. This means we don't need cat boxes cause we has gardens to go and dig up and do our business in. Yes Kellie, I can run and hide in my garden (or the neighbours) anytime I like. Mum does like me to stay inside a lot though.
  • We don't get declawed. Our vets believe this is cruel, and they aren't allowed to do this procedure as it is illegal here and is like chopping off the last joint of your fingers. See how that would feel, especially if you the family typist. We use our claws to defend ourselves. We as bloggers should talk about this. We don't think it is a nice thing to do to your precious pets, just so they won't scratch your couch up.
  • We don't take baths. When mum first started reading some blogs, she was surprised at the amount of pussy cats who get bathed. We know that special cats like Dragonheart have to be washed. We have had lots of family cats, and they have never been given a bath. Mum asked at work, and no kiwis she spoke to had ever washed a cat. Kiwi cats are self cleaning.
  • We don't get our teeth brushed. How does you brush and floss a pussy cats teeth anyway? Mum asked around about that one too. Couldn't find anyone who had ever done such a thing.
  • When mum was a kid, most families would put their cat out of the house at night. It seems mean now, but they usually had a garage or porch they could sleep on. Opinions have changed on this one and most everybody we knows, lets us pussy cats sleep on their beds or somewhere warm in the house. So sorry Andy cat, when you lived with mum and her family and were forced outside at night, they didn't know any better. We know you were happy though and always waiting on the front porch in the morning.

I like being a kiwi cat. I don't have to worry about alligators (or is it crocodiles) like miss Daisy, or get locked in the house like some of my Australian cousins. I can walk around the neighbourhood and don't have to get pushed around in a stroller. Strollers look like fun, but we has never seen one in New Zealand.

Poppy Q


  1. Happy belated Birthday PoppyQ

    You are a very sweet kitty :-)

  2. Being a Kiwi cat sounds good! I do not believe in declawing either.

    I have never had a bath before, and I think I would only have one if I got something very dirty in my furs. But we do have many alligators in our area. I do not think that is very common though.

  3. We agree about declawing 100% I just hope you are always safe out of doors!
    And baths - nope, not me!

  4. I am a strictly indoor kitty. I have no claws on the front or back. My Lady gave me a bath a couple times when I was a kitten cause she wanted to see how I would act. Funny thing is that when I was a kitten, I really liked the water. It was fun. Now I hate it.

    My Lady wishes she wouldn't have declawed me. It makes her feel guilty. Her landlord said that I had to be declawed if she was going to have me cause they worried about their carpet. So, I'm glad that she did cause then I wouldn't be here. Even so, I miss my claws and My Lady said that she won't ever declaw a kitty of hers again. It really is a mean thing to do.