Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Saturday Friend

You know how on friday I bring you My Friday Friend. It is a way of introducing you to other cool cats that blog. Most of you in the cat community know each other, we are good at commenting and making new friends. Believe it or not I have other friends, who have not met you. So I thought it was a good way of introducing you all to each other.

So this week I thought I would introduce you to someone who isn't a cat blogger, but has a cool blog. Her name is DREAM MOM and her blog is at . Now my mum has been a lurkey turkey for a long time at dream mom, and finally she had to comment about the awesome job that she was doing. She is a single mom, with a 15 year old son with special needs. She does a fantastic job of loving and caring for that boy and has had a tough year, as he has a few scares and she has had to have back surgery.

My mum thought she better catch up on her blog reading, and when she caught up with dream mom - guess what? We got a special mention, boy that made mum blush. Dream mom we are so pleased you come and read our humble little bog, we hope we manage to make you smile, when some days smiles might be hard to come by.
Guess what again? Dream mom has a cat too!! This is him, he is six years old and his name is Wiggles. He is a munchkin boy and very handsome. Hi Wiggles nice to meet you!! Your mom should get you a blog - however I know she is very busy and doesn't have much time, but you can come and visit me anytime. I hope some of you cat bloggers can find some time to go and visit Dream Mom, her son and Wiggles - and show them some love.
So I hope you have enjoyed meeting my Saturday friend. What do you think - should I introduce you to other friends and cool stuff at the weekend? Please let me know.
Have a great weekend.
Poppy Q


  1. you're good at introducing us to new friends, poppy q!

    how are you doing? mom's getting better. more slowly cuz she won't stay home. you'd think that if i sit on her chest, she wouldn't be able to move. sigh.

    i'll go visit dream mom next!


  2. This is such a nice idea to introduce friends of yours to us! There are so many wonderful bloggers,it can be overwhelming! And this personal introduction really makes a difference! Dream Mom's blog is quiet amazing!

  3. dream mom's blog is great! i invited her to come to the cat blogosphere often for some laughter...and support.

    happy fuzzy birthday, my friend!

  4. deer poppy q,
    i wuz rushin to reed abowt owr grate frend henry ... an red all abowt dream mom! i am goin to reed her blog now!

  5. I honestly had no idea there was such a COOL cat community out there. Thank you Poppy Q for the wonderful introduction to all of your furry friends.

    I was wondering, being October and all, if you kitties dress up for Halloween? I'd love to see some pictures.

    My Wiggles, dressed up the first two years-the first year he was the "Cat in the Hat" and the second year he was "Batman" (notice his facial coloring). He's not too crazy about letting me dress him up.

    My back surgery was last month and it went great. I am feeling better. It was a little hard the first week because Wiggles wanted to jump on my back and sit there and he couldn't. He did not like that.

    I will have to check out your friends. It may take a few days though as I am busy taking care of Dear Son by myself so I tend to have a bit more free time during the week. It will be good to catch up on all of the "activities" in the cat world. Who knew?

    Much love.

    Dream Mom, Dear Son and Wiggles

    P.S. In appreciation for the introduction, I brought all of you kitties some hot "rotisserie" white meat turkey. It's Wiggles favorite and I hope you enjoy it as much as he does.

  6. Wiggles is very cute! I am going to go visit Dream Mom now.

  7. This is my first visit to your blog. Hello! A good idea to write about other blogs, as cats can get to know others and also other worthwhile blogs.

  8. I popped by to say hello my lovely gray friend.


    p.s. I think we'll be supporting England our adopted country. We can't quite bring ourselves to support France even if England did knock out my home team.

  9. p.s. I've given you an award - pop by and see. FAZ

  10. you are very good at introducing very nice friends. i'll make sure to stop and visit dream mom right away!

  11. Great introduction Dream Mom sounds very nice. I gave you an award please
    go to my blog to see :)

  12. Hi, Poppy Q,

    Enjoyed meeting your Saturday friends (including Wiggles). We appreciate the introduction. It's kind of hard to make friends around here. Buddy barks, howls, jabbers, bays, and just plain YELLS at everyone he sees. He just loves to make new friends but he gets so excited about it, he scares them away. And he's rubbed off on Samaritan, so these quiet introductions are a good idea. Thanks.

    (s) Cotton, for Jan's Funny Farm residents

  13. We like meeting new bloggers and your friend Dream Mom sounds wonderful. We will go visit her next! We would enjoy you introducing us to new friends and other cool stuff on Saturdays!
    Your FL furiends,