Friday, October 5, 2007

My Friday Friend

My Friday Friend - this week I will give you a couple of clues first:

1. She is a girl.

2. She loves a swedish fella (I wonder if he knows ABBA?).

3. This week she reminded us all of a good reason to go pink!!

Hello Gretchen - I choose you as this weeks My Friday Friend!

You can find the lovely Gretchen at her blog here:

Gretchen lives with her lovely beans in Willamete Valley, Oregan in the US. Her nice folks gave her a lovely home, and her papa named her Gretchen, but her mom calls her Gretchen Pearl. She loves some pink plastice golf balls, hiding in empty boxes, tummy rubs, bird watching and the fake furry mice.

Gretchen also loves Yoggie - our Swedish friend. What a nice couple they make.

Now Gretchens mom had breast cancer three years ago, and as a survivor she is hoping that you can go pink on your blog for the month of October. We was pink already, we is very happy for you Gretchens mom and all the beans out there who have cancer, and who have battled cancer well done!!! We wish you lots of happy healthy days ahead.

Thanks for being my friend Gretchen. I love to hear of your adventures.

Poppy q


  1. Gretchen is a very pretty kitty! I am still mad at NBC, but I am going to have a great weekend with Mommy and Daddy!

  2. Hey Poppy q, you are picking a great good friend~!!!!!!
    Gretchen is very very sweet and a nice beautiful kitty~!!!!

    Have a good weekend~!

  3. she's a great friday friend!

    poppy q, mom says we'll go pink for october when she gets home from work tonight.

    it's good to see you again. i'm sorry we've been away so long...

    mom toni

  4. Gretchen is such a nice kitty!

  5. Poppy Q, what a wonderful thing that you chose Gretchen this week, being as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Gretchen is such a nice kitty kat!

  6. Oh, PoppyQ, *blushing* that was very nice of you to choose me as your Friday Friend this week. It was very nice that you talked about being pink in October. You're a great freind...thank you.