Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello Friday Friends

Hello Friday friends!!

This weeks clues

  • There is two of them and they are brother and sister.

  • Thems very old (but not as old as my mum).

  • They are very sweet cornish kitties, and they has a lovely blog

It's my friends Caesar and Princess.

They live in Northern Viginia, in the US with their beans. Their mommy bean used to be a nurse, which is very handy as these two has kidney troubles and their mom has to give them sub cut fluids to keep them happy. Good job mom bean. You can find their blog here:

This is Princess - she is lovely and white. She loves this blue blankie, sticking herself near water, is a tidy eater and loves her brother Caesar.

This is Caesar and his tent - check it out!! I learnt from his postings, that he likes to announce his toilet arrivals, can be very messy and likes to poke around.

They are wonderful cats, and you should always respect you elders. So be respectful and go and visit them this weekend!!

Thank you for being my friends.

Poppy Q


  1. Ceasar and Princess are really cool cats!

  2. Prinny and Ceasar are wonderful kitties and we love them lots and lots. (They have a great Mom too!)

    Abby and Boo

  3. What beautiful cats! Thank you for introducing us to your Friday Friends.

  4. Dear PoppyQ, we are SO HONORED to be on your bloggie!
    WE are so surprised and happy.
    We really like your bloggie too.

    we hope you have a very happy extra peppy and fun week-end!

    Love and purrrs, Princess and Caesar
    and our mom too :-)

  5. Yes, we luf Caesar & Prinnie!!

    Luf, Us

  6. Oh, yes, Caesar and Princess are the coolest and they act so young! Great Friday Furiend choice!
    Your FL furiends,

  7. I love Caesar and Prinnie, too! They are great cats.