Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poppy the Would be Escape Artist

Last night, mum let me sniff around in the cupboard she keeps the candles in. It is a small skinny cupboard next to what used to be an old chimney. It is closed in now, and there is a gas fire where the fireplace used to be. I found a panel, that mum thought was secured, and while she turned her back I had half wriggled through. If I had got all the way in, mum thinks I might have either been trapped or fallen. Either way, mum can't imagine how bad it could have been. I am not allowed to sniff in that cupboard anymore and mum has made sure I can't get into it.
Boy, its tough to explore around this place!!!

Oh and I managed to lose my nice collar and tags, like you see me wearing in this picture from my purrfday. It is the second lot I has lost this month. Mum has had to order more tags, and more collars for me.

Poppy q


  1. Poppy - be careful girl! Now that you are a big girl, you need to stay safe and out of dangerous places!

  2. o_0

    I almost fell out of the chair, don't scare me like that!!

  3. We have a space like that in our house, too. And it's blocked off now, too. :( Good job on ditching the collar!


  4. Poppy q we dont'wear tags...if Momma tried to put them on us, I do think she would like what we would do to revolt.


  5. Oh Poppy, that sounds very, very scairty! Thank goodness your mom got you before you got into some big trouble.

  6. You look so pretty and comfy in that picture :-) I'm glad your Mum secured the cupboard, that could have turned out very bad.

  7. Our momma wonders all the time where our collars go. There is only so many rooms in the house, but somehow she can'ts find them...hehehe

  8. Oh Poppy Q - I got in trouble again today, too (for sneaking into the bathroom cabinet *again)!

    I'm so glad you didn't get trapped or fall ... that sounds scary!

  9. Thank goodness you didn't get hurt! What a good Mum you have to secure the cupboard. There are lots of exciting places to explore but you have to be careful now that you are a big girl.

    Sorry to hear about losing your nice collar and tags.

  10. Poppy Q-I was wondering if you have ever tried the "Cat Dancer"? Now that you are a big girl, you might enjoy it. And it is safe!

    Here is a link: or for a close up try:

    Wiggles got this toy from a co-worker of mine and he loved it. Wiggles played with it so much the first day he got it, he had to lie down and take a long cat nap because he was so tired and had so much fun.

    You Mum can attach it anywhere and you can jump and play with it trying to catch it.

    I'll let you see what you think.

  11. Oh, my, Poppy, you must be really careful exploring. You could have gotten hurt or lost forever. I'm glad your safe.