Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Are you a lurker?

When your mum buys you a new mousie toy - are you going to go and play with it, or do you stay sitting on her newspaper? Newspaper or new feather toy? Which would you choose?

Today, I want to say hello to any Lurkers. Do you know what a lurker is? A lurker is someone who flits around and reads the blogs they like, but doesn't comment, just visits. I used to be a lurker, but me mum told me that I could blog. I had things to say and people might like to visit. Are you a lurker? You could come and say hello to me. Leave me a note in my cbox, you only need an email address and your name. Hello lurkers - thanks for visiting.



    Gah! Sorry Sis, Mombean's all out of whack today 'cause KidBean's starting Preschool. I told her to go visit your site to relax and now she's all woked up again...

  2. Hmm... I choose newspaper, but Stewie and Nammie are definitely new toy type of cats.

    I used to lurk, but not so much anymore. Lurking is a hard habit to break, and it still crops up every once in a while.


  3. I will play with the new toy for a little bit, just so Momma doesn't feel bad. Then I head right for the newspaper. It's super rustly and fun to hide under. What's better than that?


  4. I used to be a lurker, but I haven't been since May when I got my own blog. I think your blog is way neat! I am going to add you to my blogroll and come visit you more often.

    P.S. I would choose the fevver.

  5. We finks we might have commented once or twice on your bloggie, but we mainly lurks, so HI! We is The Feline Sextet! *purrr!*

  6. Lurkers are OK as long as they don't leave nasty spams.

  7. Oh, I'd ALWAYS choose the mousie! I love mousies. I can always read the newspaper over Mom's shoulder in the evening when I lay by her.

    Your friend

  8. Okay, Poppy Q, You caught us, We've been lurking. First we met Darling Millie, then Monty Q, then you. But we never dared to leave a comment because, you see - well, we aren't of the cat persuasion. At least all of us aren't. You've outed us. Please don't make us stop lurking. We like cats. Honest!

    Jan's Funny Farm

  9. I'd choose the new toy. Once, I've satisfactorly shredded it first, of course.

    I'm not always a lurker. I like to say hi to other kitties...


  10. Sometimes I lurk, sometimes I don't, depending on the mood I suppose. Here's a pawprint for you Poppy Q:)