Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who is a pretty mermaid then?

Faz if you can go to Antartica, I am going to go to the beach!!!

I will provide the food
And the catnip
And somewhere warm to sleep.
Who wants to come with me?

You can go here to generate your scrabble score on your name. I am impressed - Not as high a score as Fazakerley(but look at all the letters in her name).
Have a nice Sunday everycat and bean.
Poppy Q


  1. I do, I do! Can I come right now?!

  2. We shoulds come with you, sinces our momma is leaving us...she'll never know we left!


  3. That looks beautiful, I am there!

  4. Hey, that looks like fun.It's also close to where the toona comes from.I hope. I'll join you ;)

  5. We're coming, it looks nice and sunny there. We want to dig big holes in the sand and paddle our toes in the sea, but we don't want any waves to chase us.

  6. I am coming, I love the beach. I have never been there but the maid has and she says it is fabulous, so I come!

  7. I'm grabbing my beach towel and lots of shrimpies for the barbeque to share with everyone. Thanks Poppy Q for inviting me out of this joint. I need a break. Woo-hoo, bye mom see you when the party's over!

  8. I am rrready to go to the beach, too.
    Hey, my lady bean wants you to tell yourrr lady bean to email herrr with yourrr addrrress. We arrre not surrre the names of the places--on the parrrcel and we would like to send you a thank you.



  9. Sqeeeeeelllll! We wants to go there! Oh some nice toona would be wonnerful.
    Beau Beau gets to go owtside only when he has his harness on. He got scared on Saturday and now he's afraid to go owt. I fink he likes da beach tho.

  10. Thanks for visiting Sunny's site.

    That's a very nice picture of you on the beach :-)