Monday, September 10, 2007

Daisy this is my next door neighbour bird

Dear Daisy,

You may have fancy cranes over there in Florida (do you live near Dr Troy and Dr Sean?). But do you have a tui bird?

I has got a neighbour tui bird that wakes me up in the morning. He sings like a bellbird especially in the morning and at tea time. He likes our neighbours houses as they have some native trees with flowers.

Apparently Captain Cook who was the first British man to sail to New Zealand so that he could own it, said that Tui birds were nice to eat. Naughty Captain Cook, thems are protected birds and you will go to prison if you eat one. Please if you find a tui bird do not eat it.
Did you know that we watched a tv show this week called the news. They talked about little birds called Godwits. They have tracked these little birds who do a non-stop flight from Alaska to New Zealand!! They cover 11,000 km in their journey. Clever little birds - maybe they have a birds eye view like Daisys map? If you go here you can read about them :
Poppy Q


  1. That bird has a lot of really neat colors! I am all one color, kinda boring.

  2. Oh Poppy! I have never seen or even heard of a Tui bird before. He has very beautiful feathers. Do you think you would get in trouble if you ated him? Thanks for showing us the pretty bird.

    I think Dr. Troy and Dr. Sean live in Miami-Dade county. I live in Broward. So they are maybe 30 miles away from me.

  3. wow, that is a cool bird. i've never seen one like that. we have lotsa feeders in our yard i can see from my window. i'm an indoor kitty, so i'll never come across a neat bird like that, so no eating them. mommy sayz that there are lotsa starlings around here tho. i wonder if one will accidentally fly into my house....
    mmmm crunchy starling