Friday, September 7, 2007

My Friday Friend

My Friday Friend!

I just wanted to remind myself of th wonderful Brendan, from Caturday. It made me and my mum sad this week to hear that another of our friends had died. Brendan was a beautiful tabby boy, a gentle prescence, who lived in New Hampshire, in the US. He lived with his beans and with two other beautiful tabbies, brother and sister Harper and Ramona. He had a great life, cuddled up inside in the winter, and his beans had recently put up a big fence so that the three cats could roam around outside in the summer, protected from deer and other predators.

You can read his beans wonderful tribute to Brendan here :

It made my bean leak reading it again. He was loved that pussycat and he got lots of love shown to him. On his blog there are lots of pictures of Brendan being cuddled by baby Ramona. She loved Brendan, and would snuggle up to him as much as she could.

This is a picture of Brendan (in the front) with Ramona snuggled up around him. Isn't it a perfect picture of kitty love?

Goodbye sweet Brendan. We know you have gone to join your brother Finnegan and to wait for your family to join you. We will miss hearing of your adventures, but we know you lived a good life and will be missed.
Poppy Q


  1. I did not know Brendan. I haven't been blogging very long. Thank you for letting me know about him.

  2. yes, they posted a very nice tribute to dear brendan. it is sad when our friends leave us. it is very nice of you to remember him.

  3. We didn't knows Brendan, but theres a ton and a half of kitty bloggers we hasn't had a chance to meets yet. He looked very handsomes though and his baby friend obviouslys loved hims very much!


  4. Oh PQ, this is such a lovely tribute to Brendan you are such a good friend to us all. FAZ

  5. Yes, we remember Brendan and all the great cats who've gone ahead to The Bridge. Our community has lost some fine members and we think about them and their families.

  6. It is always hard to lose a dear friend. But I am sure that all our cat friends will be our guardian angels through our 9 lives.