Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello Friday - Hello Friend!!

Hello Friday..............................hello Friday Friend.
This special silver tabby with the lovely green eyes is my friend Jade.
Jade has a blog here at
She is like me and likes the cat food only - not a bean food eater!! I'm with you on that one miss Jade. She also likes climbing her trees in the garden, a good workout for a girl.

She lives in California with five special beans and two woofies. One of the woofies Bailey (also known as miss bebe, is her special best friend. Here they are at the dining table, looks like they are plotting something!!

The lovely Jade won my 100th post prize!! Here it is arriving at her door!!

Here she is lookin in the parcel. I bet she was hoping we would send her her boyfriend Benjamin fuzz.

No, no room for him!! We sent her some goodies including some mousie catnip toys. Jade got some for Christmas but they got stolen from her!!!

We got her a tunnel too!! Being a rescue cat from the SPCA Jade can appreciate having a good escape plan!!!

I hope you all visit my new friend. Say hi to her and her family, they are having a tough time as grand bean has cancer and they are looking after him. We are thinking of you and your family.
Thanks for being my new friend Jade.
Poppy Q


  1. Awwww, what wunnerful gifties, and Jade is a great furriend! She's a superduper girlkitty. We've been purrin' and purrin' fur her grandpa.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  2. Jade is a lovely kitty and you did a nice thing sending her those little presents. I'm still purrpraying for her grand bean, too.


  3. Jade is a really special cats for sure, I always admire her climbing trees skills~!!!
    These are great gift ~!!!

  4. Jade has da purrtiest nose duzn't she? She's a cutie.

  5. I like Jade's blog. I visit her all the time.

  6. That's a grate purrize yoo sent to Jade. She's a purrty kitty furr sure.
    We haf nommynatid yoo furr a meme. See our post furr deetales.

  7. Jade is a great kitty! Those were great gifts that you sent to her too - we will go and say "hi" to her today!

  8. Wow,that's a great of goodies that Jade is getting!

  9. What a grrreat post! Thank you forrr the surrrprrrise and of courrrse the wonderrrful trrreats.
    Bailey has been trrrying to steal my pink mousie. Afterrr all she is a RRRat Terrrierrr.
    I'll trrry to put up my new post soon.

    Purrrs to you Poppy Q.