Saturday, September 8, 2007

How Rude came back !!!!!

How Rude (the intruder neighbour cat) came back last night - inside!!!! He snuck through the back door. He snuck through the kitchen. He snuck through the lounge. He tip toed up the hallway. Then my mummy saw him and she yelled " Get out of our house how rude"!!! That scared him, and woke me up. Boy lucky mum was on guard duty.

How rude, you may think you own the back fence. But the house is ours! Back off buddy.

Poppy Q


  1. That is a very brave kitty to just come marching in YOUR house unannounced and uninvited. That is definetely very Rude!

  2. Oh how RUDE indeed! To come prancing into your house like he owns it, that is definately rude behaviour! Did he eat your food? I suggest you have your beans install a cat detector alarm system at once!

  3. Oh Poppy Q,
    You are VERY cute!
    Thanks for introducing yourself to us.
    We hope that How Rude did not spray pee inside your house!
    Mosaic Cats (& their Lady who REALLY thinks you're CUTE.)

  4. So good that your mom chased the cat away!
    I have often cat fights with the two cats next door. The problem is, that they lived here in this house and garden before and just moved next door with their human family. In the beginning they were here every day. But my humans chased them away. Later when I was allowed to go outside I had big catfights with them. I am younger, I am much taller than them. He, he!

  5. IN YOUR HOUSE! GASP! He really is a How Rude!

  6. Has anyone seen Monty? All I heard was him puffing up and then he teleported out somewhere. Seemed rather annoyed with something...

  7. Hi Poppy Q,

    The nerve of that kitty to come inside your house.Good thing your mom chase him away.

  8. omg Yours momma was very brave to fight off the evil Dr.HowRude! Hes plots to takes over your house was foiled this time, but only you can save your home from him next time!!

    Ps. Did we tells you about the story our Momma wrote for HRH Yao-lin? Its on our bloggie, its 3 parts, buts its pretty cool!