Thursday, September 13, 2007

My name is........

My friend Millie at : wants to know where our name comes from. My mum used to call Puss, poppet or poppy as a nickname sometimes, especially when she was sick. The name kind of stuck around in her head.

Also when she was much younger her family had a business, that had a cafe called Poppies. But that wasn't the reason she thought of this name.

She had decided on my name when she found out she could get a little kitty cat from the breeder. My name on my cat certificat says my big name is: Paddington Lil Poppy Pitstop. Posh huh??!!!!
My mum usually calls me poppy or pops or poppy popstar!!! Sometimes she calls me bub or button.
What do you get called?
Poppy Q


  1. You are as pretty
    as your name is Poppy Q.
    That's why we love you.

    A Haiku for you.


  2. Poppy is an awesome name!

    Titus already had his name when he went to live at Mom and Dad's house. Right after they adopted us, Mom was calling us T's cats (because she calls him "T" sometimes). Then it became "tea cats" so we got named after tea - Tazo and Earl Grey.

  3. I love the name Poppy! It reminds me of my name, kind of a happy, sunny, flower name.

  4. Poppy is a lovely name. But where did the Q come from?

    Percy, Secretary at Jan's Funny Farm

  5. I like the name Poppy, it is very pretty. My Mum calls me lots of names, but usually she calls me Kellie, Kell or Baby : )

  6. Poppy, your name is just lovely, dear and is certainly better than "Pitstop"!

    George - I get called Georgie Boy or Georgie Pie

    Tipper - I get called Tipp, Tippy Do or Doodah

    Max - I usually get called Maxie

    Misty - I get called Mist or Baby Girl

    We always have trouble telling Eric & Flynn apart 'cause they look so much alike. They're great brothers and we like them a lot.

  7. Mom calls me Beaubers sometimes. Geez. Beans say da most strange fings. We lufs yur name!