Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy tropical birthday miss pixie

So dear campers - our days in paradise are drawing to close. Only one more day left and we have to get home in time for my Friday friend. So lets relax in our huts and enjoy the tropical sun.

Tonight we wil sit around the bonfire......

and drink some niptinis (funny fact - if you google niptinis under images you come up with pictures of Angie and beau!!)......

we'll share some cake in honour of our friend Pixies 12 th birthday. Happy banana birthday Pixie. The cake will be banana of course ................................ Also my fabulous friend Fazzie the cat forgot her own birthday, as she was too busy exploring Antartica. This cake is also for you baby and a niptini is ready with your name on it..........

Pixie and Faz, I would make this cake for you cool cats if I could. Of course it would be banana flavoured. Actually it is from this cool website

and we will organize the shippers to send back a birthday present to Pixie.............

.......... and we'll all wake up in the morning and look like this fellow!!
Poppy Q


  1. I will be looking forward to the big bonfire tonight! It sounds cozy and nice!

  2. Nanners, nanners, and more nanners! Thanks, Poppy Q! That is a pretty cake you made for me and Faz. I can't wait to sit around the bonfire. Can we sing songs and tell ghost stories, too?