Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our friend Puss

This is my mums other favourite picture of Puss. It was hard for her to get nice pictures because Puss always wanted to purr and do leg rubs when mum came outside. Puss was about 10 years old when this picture was taken. Mum often wondered what your life was like before you came to her, was someone else missing you?

When belle and bud came to stay with mum, on the holidays. Puss would always rush to the spare bedroom with the kids and curl up next to them, to help them go to sleep. She would stay there most of the night and then sneak in next to mum, only after midnight when she knew the kids were fast asleep.

She had another good game. As well as 'walk the rubbish bags' she absolutely loved playing 'lets

make the bed (it is always Saturday at our house). She would be straight up on the bed and under the sheets. Mum always had to call out "where's Puss?". Puss would chirp back and then wait for a tickle. She loved that game. Poor mum, an hour to make the bed, but she loved it too.

Now Puss got sick last year with renal failure, she struggled for a long time. Mum did the sub cut fluids and with the help of a fantastic vet, they kept Puss well and happy for some time.

But there came a time when mum knew that Puss was no longer happy and that she would need help to go to the rainbow bridge. Mum was lucky that her best friend was able to come with her, as it was going to be tough. Mum had spent a week sleeping with Puss tucked up beside her on the spare bed, lying under Puss favourite blanket. It broke mums heart to go to work every day thinking that Puss might die alone by herself. Mum couldn't let that happen, and even though Puss woke up mum knew that when she stopped purring and was wobbly the time had come.
That was a year ago and it was a tough day. Puss, mum misses you but knew that it was the right thing to do. Mum was lucky that she could help Puss that day and that she had a super fantastic friend with her to help her through.
You left a pussy cat shaped hole in her heart. But I have come along and helped to heal that hole. When mum first got me, she told me about Puss angel, and how she would help me to be a good pussy cat. I listened and mum says I am a good girl, and have learnt all the good qualities that Puss had. We miss you Puss and mum says she was lucky to have shared your life for so long. Today we remember all the fun times mum and puss had together.
Poppy Q and mum


  1. It has been so nice to read about Puss these last few days. It reminds My Lady of her Miss Kitty. She was her first kitty and she had her for sixteen years. It was kidney failure that took her. My Lady remembers Miss Kitty hiding in the bushes outside of thier house. The Lady would run back and forth in front of those bushes and Miss Kitty would run out and attack her feet. Then she would run back in the bushes and they would do this over and over and over again. She loved that game. She still drives by that house 13 years later and looks at those bushes. It makes her happy cause the memories of Miss Kitty just fill her head and she smiles. Thank you for the nice story.

  2. thank you, poppy q! we like the stories of puss. it's easy to tell that your mum loved her very much...and that puss loved her right back!

  3. Puss is a really pretty cat. I'm so glad you told us her story. I'm sure you are an angel to your mum now.


  4. Puss was a great cat. I enjoyed reading about her. It's easy to tell that your Mom loved her a lot and Puss loved her right back. It's really hard to make that last trip to the vet and I am really glad that your Mom had a great friend to help her. It's good to remember all the good times.

  5. I have enjoyed reading about Puss a great deal. She sounded like a perfect "One Who Came Before" for you Poppy! When those kitties are as special as Puss, it makes humans love us kitties ever so much more! So you have a lot to be grateful to Puss for - she paved a very smooth road for you!

  6. That are very beautiful pics!

  7. That story made my eyes leak a little. Puss sounds like a really special cat. Poppy, it sounds like a little piece of Puss lives on in you!

  8. Puss was a beautiful cat, your Mum was lucky to have her! And now you.