Friday, September 21, 2007

My Friday Friends

Welcome to my Friday Friend. This is what we do on Fridays, it is a way of letting our friends and family know about the other awesome cat bloggers out there.

Clue 1: There are two of them

Clue 2:

Have you got it yet?

Of course you have, you clever cats and beans. It is Kimo and Sabi from

They live in California in the US, although there mom and dad keep running away to Las Vegas - do they have a gambling problem!! Don't worry Kimo has lot of coins!!

Kimo is a laid back, handsome (check out those blue eyes), siamese meezer dude. He likes birdie watching, chasing his feather stick, sunbathing, laying around on the deck, collecting coins, reality tv, laying by the fireplace and nappping. Recently he confessed to greeting his momma at the door, being the family cat pooper coverer upper and being the official family sniffer.

Sabi is a handsome tuxie (of the cow variety) fella. He won a prize from the Monty Q, doing the Q competition with this fabulous photo of him nippin out on his mat. Isn't that expression awesome?

Sabi lists his hobbies as running around, playing with the toilet paper (clean we hope), spider catching, knitting, burrowing into the fresh clothes, running around, going out in the stroller and little naps (the only time he is still).

These two brothers are great my Friday friends. They always have funny entertaining posts and I like to go and read them. I hope your mom and dad are back from Vegas soon Kimo and Sabi and I look forward to next weeks adventures.

Your friend Poppy Q


  1. We like Kimo and Sabi too. We fink that pikchur of Sabi all nipped up is reely funny.

  2. I like Kimo and Sabi as well. Their blog is a lot of fun and informative, too.

  3. Hooray for Kimo and Sabi! They are a great couple of cats.

  4. Yes, Kimo and Sabi are pretty amazing cats. I love that last picture of them


    Oh, my nieghbor is leaving in the morning for about that? My bean forgot to ask where she was going exactly.

  5. WOWY - fanks fer makin' us yer special Friday friends - way cool!