Friday, June 29, 2018


We have had another quiet day.  Mum stayed asleep until 3am and then was wide awake.  So today she was dying for a nap, but resisted so that she could be tired tonight.  I have no problems with napping or sleeping.  Mum wonders if cats get insomnia or sleeping issues ?

In my wide awake times I like to sit on the windowsill and watch my little garden.


  1. Phew! Forced into a quite day over here Poppy!x
    It's way to hot to move at any speed except very
    slow! The heat is amazing! and it's going into
    next week as well..! :(.
    I think l sent you a photo of an egg l cooked
    on the Barby this morning..!
    There asking people to help by taking shorter this morning l had mine without
    using 'any' water...HeHe! :).
    Also asking people not to use hose~pipes...
    I expect they will ban those in a day or two..
    Goodness! A little bit of heat..and the country's
    falling apart..not that it is'nt already...! :).

    And..No! I don't think pussy~cats get insomnia...
    If you ask..where do pussy~cats sleep....
    Answer~~Anywhere they want to...Bless!x

  2. Are you there Poppy? I can’t see you.. we are having frosts but oh the days are so beautiful.
    Cats with insomnia? I got a kitten once that was feral and it was go go go. No sleeping there. The vet had given it to me and guess who got it back.
    Great excitement here at 3am. Ever heard a mouse squealing? It was horrible. It had its leg caught in the trap in my bedroom. All part of living in the country. Nice warm bedroom. Mouse booked in for a week. .... Mr. H. Had to put it out of its misery. Yuk. Wish you were here Poppy.
    Do hope no more drama tonight.

  3. It looks like you were watching your garden while your mum was trying to sleep in the gloom, Poppy. I hope she has a better rest tonight.

  4. We humans envy you, Poppy. Cats were blessed with the ability to nap anytime , anywhere. And they always wake up looking marvelous!

  5. Mum had a nice nap today, I think she was being affected by the hots here.

  6. Well, we can tell you that Gracie and Ava do not seem to ever have insomnia, Poppy. :)

    Hugs to you and Mum.