Sunday, July 1, 2018


Gosh we didn't get to post on Caturday - what is happening mum?  Mum says she was busy - it was a good friends Big Birthday, so mum went out and spent the afternoon with her and they went out for dinner with friends and family and mum didn't get home until real late after filling up on cake.

Today was the laziest of days.  It was wet and windy - so mum decided it was a stay home and be lazy day - which was fine with me.  I love those days.  But now she is up and doing a few little chores to make the beginning of the work week easier.  She is going to make a lemon pasta for dinner and has put a feast out for me.

We hope you are having a nice weekend too.


  1. Just Sunday morning over here Poppy!x
    Freddie's just popped round on his way home from
    his walk..he's had his chewy, a sniff round, and
    off home for his breakfast, and l'm about to have
    mine out on the patio..well..on a plate on the
    Then l'm gonna cut the grass, before it gets to
    Up the supermarket at 10..few bits and pieces,
    back home and get geared up for the footy later!
    That'll be Sunday done..! ≈(චᆽච)≈

  2. Mmmmm, cake! 😁

    We're having excessive heat warnings for our Canada Day weekend, so we're doing our best to lie low and keep cool!

    Have a great day!

  3. That is the cutest photo Poppy. We missed you last night.
    Frosts every day here so have to keep some plants in pots watered.
    Lovely you had a nice day Pops.
    Sweet dreams ❤️

  4. That's all right, Poppy. Your mum can take a day off from blogging now and then. To judge from her work schedule, she needs the rest.