Sunday, July 22, 2018


Mum only went into work once again last night, and managed to get home at a reasonable time so got a good bit of sleep, which she well enjoyed.  She got to lay in be bed and finish another book before getting up at a lazy 10am.  A shower and some housekeeping were taken care of.  The day was sunny, but cool, so she rugged up in her jacket and headed into town before the fruit and vegetable market closed down at 3pm.

Winter vegetables are certainly much cheaper with at least 50% savings than buying from the supermarket.  So tonights dinner for her was a small piece of lamb with a large serving of cabbage, and some pumpkin/broccoli/kumara and red onion roasted together with a squeeze of lemon on top and olive oil and salt and pepper to season. 

So now the curtains are drawn and us girls are relaxing.  Mum will scrub her face and put a relaxing mask on.  Me - well I am sleeping on my shopping bag on the mama bed waiting until it is bedtime and we can have a little chat.


  1. I'm off to the supermarket shortly to Poppy!x
    Get my bit's and a few other special
    offers, stocking up for my annual BBQ in a couple
    weeks time..I bought 14 chicken thighs last week,
    reduced to £3:50...($6:76)..stock them up in the
    deep freeze..!

    Still very hot over here..heatwave this coming
    week..Phew! Just been out and watered the hanging
    baskets and other plants, their all living up to
    the heat..HeHe! Better than l am..! :).

  2. It would be nice if you could get that printed out and laminated and put on your kitchen wall. It is so artistic and colourful.
    The roasties sound delicious and too like to squeeze lemon over broccoli and cauliflower.
    I used to hate Brussel sprouts till I sliced them up and fried in a little butter and a squeeze of lemon. It tastes wonderful and like quite a different vegetable.
    Just spaghetti for us tonight.
    I wonder what Poppy ‘s flavour of the night was.

  3. I wish your mum would give us her recipes. Poppy dear. We’ll pass on asking Fancy Feast for theirs.

  4. Those veggies look yummy! What a great pic. The kind you'd see in a recipe and or magazine!

    Have a good week!

  5. We bet that cooked up real nice, Poppy! What's a kumara? I don't think we have those here. :)