Tuesday, July 24, 2018


When I sit up on my shopping bag on mums bed she gives me a pat.  Sometimes she brushes me.  Sometimes it is with her own hairbrush cos I love it.  She knows that makes her a crazy cat lady.  She just worries that if something happened to her and they wanted  to get her hair dna from the hairbrush it might come back as being mostly British Shorthair pussycat (nothing wrong with that I say).


  1. Ah! Poppy!x Bless! Goodness me! DNA...!!! :).

    I've just walked back from town..Phew! The
    sweat is pouring off me..to~days temp. will
    reach 35, they say..33.3 yesterday!
    I've been wanting to cut the privet the last
    few days, but it's just to hot...there advising
    the elderly to remain indoors between the hours
    of 11~4..for safety reasons...!

    Phew! Now! Where's that fridge of mine...! :0).

  2. I would tell Mum not to worry too much about that DNA thing Poppy. Look at you sitting there on your favourite shopping bag. Miss Pippi got in my recyclable bag tonight & I sat down & told her all about a beautiful pussy cat called Poppy that loves shopping bags too. She was most interested.

  3. Ha! That made me laugh. They'd figure your mum was turning into a cat, she loved you so much.

  4. Gosh, you would be related! I am sure they might also check her tooth brush!

  5. That is really jolly funny about the DNA from the brush, Poppy.