Friday, July 27, 2018

Day and Night

 This was pink skies that greeted mum on the way to work.  It brightened her day.
She had been texted on Thursday and invited to the movies tomorrow.  so mum rushed home after work, had a shower and headed off to the cinema.  She waited and then texted her friends to see if they were still coming.  That's when she found out they meant Saturday night.  Oh well - mum was still real tired.  Secretly she was quite happy to get some takeaway noodles and head home.

This was the photo of the night sky.  That is the moon with Mars to the right of it.  So many planets to see at the moment.


  1. Ah! Bless! Love the pink sky Poppy!x is pink..will you see the
    eclipse over there to~night..It'll be
    a big red moon..I'm going to look out
    for it..though it is live on line to!
    Not quite the same..I'll try a get some
    photos of it to...! :0).

  2. Such a lovely sky!

    And we're chuckling over your mum's misunderstanding...seems like she needed a bit of rest more than a movie at that time! :-)

  3. What a wonderful nocturnal image, Poppy. Did your mum misread the message, or did her friends not make their intentions clear? Either way, it must have been a bit disappointing. The night sky may have made up for it, though.

  4. That is a stunning photo of the sky. What made it special to me is that when enlarged I was able to see my way around Wellington. The war memorial so clear.when I lived there as a little girl we called it the crillion. However when I told my daughter when she was living there she had never heard the word. We would pass it each weekend on my way to my grandparents and sometimes it would be chiming out beautiful bells. Oh how I love Wellington.

    Sorry you had that mix up with your friends. How annoying. Will you go tonight?
    Last night was A place to call home. Very good too.

  5. Did you get to see the eclipse? We won't here in Mericky.