Saturday, July 7, 2018


Mum is out tonight and almost forgot to post.  She took this photo last night and thought you'd like it.  It was not sunny today but she didn't have to do much but get ready to go out tonight.

We hope you enjoy your Caturday. 


  1. Hot again over here Poppy!x Phew! :).
    Up and about very early, went into town at 8:30,
    hot by then, home by 11:00..changed into summat
    cooler, had an early lunch, indoors, to hot
    outside, even in the shade..Still, football on
    at three, my front room is very cool, large bottle
    of squash, feet up for a couple of hours...! Sorted! :0).

    You look lovely in the bay window Poppy!x But then you
    'always' look lovely..HeHe! Bless!

  2. That looks like it was sunny yesterday Poppy.😻. Hope mum is having a great night out tonight. Also hope she has tomorrow off. 🤕