Friday, July 6, 2018

Whale Watching

It has been amusing this week watching the news.  Besides the reports about the Thai teenagers in the caves that we are pleased are alive and hope get rescued soon, there is little to watch on the nightly news that isn't depressing.  However we have been on Whale watch as a large Southern Right Whale has come to play in our city harbour.  There is meant to be a fireworks display tomorrow to celebrate Matariki - the Maori New Year.  Instead our council have postponed it a week so that we don't frighten our new friend. 

Has anything made you smile this week?


  1. What great entertainment for all of Wellington. Not that Poppy would be interested.
    I can’t feel happy this week worrying about those poor children in the cave and then shock horror on the news tonight that a Navy Seal has died by running out of oxygen.Aparently his oxygen had a leak. I do hope they don’t tell the boys or they will be too frightened to try and leave. I can’t imagin what the coach was thinking taking children who can swim to such a place.

  2. I meant to put ‘who cant’ swim.

  3. Wow! That's fantastic Poppy!x
    Amazing creatures those Whales..and very
    intelligent to..
    Further down south from where l live, a
    county called Cornwall, a 15ft Bull shark
    was spotted by tourists on a small holiday
    cruiser..There were photos of the Bull shark
    leaping out the water..
    Lots of sharks down there...if you wanna take a look..

    HeHe! And...something did make me smile this week......
    I looked in the mirror....! :0).

  4. Wow! Whale-watching would make our biped smile for sure. Have a good weekend!

  5. What made me smile this week was my foster-cat, Parker. he has been going for walks in a harness and leash, and is now quite well-known around my building. People saw him the other evening, and said, “Hey, there’s Parker; he’s out for his walk.” They made quite a fuss over him.

  6. poppy kewl iz thiz !!!!! thanx for sharin de clip....& 984 pawz UP two yur council for postponing de firewerkz.... sew az ta knot frighten de whale..........☺☺♥♥♥♥

  7. How cool. Mum is watching less news these days, I think she is happier for it! What has made us smile? Sunshine, cooler temps, purrty flowers.