Sunday, July 8, 2018

Cosy Sunday

it has been a wild windy and wet Sunday.  Mum slept in - some wine last night helped her to sleep well.  She shared a blobby day with me - only stopping to do a few jobs, she skipped going to the market or any other outside jobs.  Mum went out last night for a friends birthday which was a fun night out, even though she may have preferred to stay home she was glad that she went out and socialized.

She cooked some roast kumara (sweet potatoes), some lamb and veg for her dinner which was delicious and left her some left overs for tomorrow nights dinner.  Me I had a feast, but we are almost out so she better go shopping tomorrow after work or there will be complaints.

We can't believe that Sunday night has rolled round again.  We hope you are having a nice Sunday too.


  1. Can you send some of your wet and windy weather over
    here Poppy!x
    Goodness! It is hot...Even the tarmac on the roads is
    melting, and lorries are getting stuck in it, hasn't
    been this bad since 1976..year my daughter was born..
    l'm just thinking about lunch, though it'll be to hot
    to eat outside, even in the shade..salad to~day, cold
    chicken, next door neighbour gave me some new potatoes
    this morning, so, l'll have those with lots of mayo..!
    And..a nice cold beer....! :0).

  2. Yummy! What a pretty picture that makes. Almost too good to eat. I only recently discovered how much I like corn.
    Anderson Cooper the anchor on cnn and Gloria Vanderbilt son eats the same food every day for a year and then changes. This year lunch is chicken wrap and dinner. Is spaghetti. He has never eaten a green in his life. Recently a segment on utube showed him being given a teaspoon of spinach and his face was hilarious. He turned round and spat it into a serviette. He said he had never tasted anything with such a slimy texture. Just a boring little thing I share. I think Poppy has a better diet than that.
    We need rain. The outside pots had to be watered today.
    So glad mum enjoyed her night out.

    1. I said yesterday nothing made me smile but your dinner photo did and now I hear two of the cave boys are out and on their way to hospital. Such wonderful news but still. A long way to go to get everyone out. But I am smiling

  3. We, too, need a good soaking of rain, everything is so dry.

    We love blobby days.... Our biped is going to have a mostly blobby afternoon., 😁

  4. That looks super yummy, Poppy. As for your weather, we would use some of that (well, the cool part, anyway ... it has been very hot here). Hugs to you and Mum!

  5. Lovely Sunday here, nice weather, open windows for me. Mum did the shopping yesterday, later today, mow the grass.

  6. It sounds like a good Sunday to me - all too short, though.