Thursday, July 5, 2018

Winter Sun

Mum was on call last night and had to work, so although she was tired she got to have the day off.  It always feels a bit like it is a list day to her, as she slept for a couple of hours during the morning.

She did get herself up and opened up the windows to let the fresh air circulate.  She tried to be productive and get some chores done.  She was a whizz - mopping, scrubbing, washing , folding and vacumning before collapsing back on the couch.

I got to watch the birdies as mum had put some grapes and bread out and the birds were very excited!!


  1. Bread and Grapes..Wonderful...! :).
    HeHe! I'm up very early these days Poppy!x
    5~6 o'clock, before the heat sets in, yesterday,
    before going into town at 8:30, l put some washing
    out, got back at 9:30, and it was all dry enough to
    iron..think l lost a few pounds just ironing...Phew!
    In fact over here there advising the elderly to stay
    indoors or at least in the shade, between the hours
    of 11~4...even the grass here is turning brown.....
    Much the same for the next two weeks at least!

  2. It is freezing here in the morning and because I was not well for a couple of days I kept the heater on all night.
    Poppy you might like to know our mouse has gone! Not caught in an array of traps so I think it has either frozen to death or moved to warmer climes. What birds like grapes ? Ours just like seeds and because they are country birds they are not even interested in bread.

    1. Well...Soft apples and pears cut in half, bananas and grapes are good
      for birds.. Avoid peanuts, fat and bread, since these can be harmful
      if adult birds feed them to their nestlings...
      And...Birds should not be offered many of the foods humans eat.
      Bread (fresh or stale): it provides no real nutritional value for birds;
      and, moldy bread can harm birds...!

    2. Thanks Willie you are such a wise man in so many fields. I wish you could send us a little warmth here. I feel so contrary. When summer is hotness . In the 30s I just do a little and lie on the bed for a nap between chores.. Bless you for ironing in such a heat

  3. poppy ...just sayin...but mum shoulda gived ewe a bizcuit.. ore 7, sted oh givin burdz sum food abullz....just sayin ~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  4. We feed the birds so I have bird TV to watch. Plus the buns, chippies and sqwerls!