Monday, July 2, 2018


Today I sat outside for a while.  It was a bit chilly though so I floofed my furs out like a big fur coat to keep me warm.  Mum pulled ou a big woolly jumper to floof herself out too.


  1. Poppy you look so beautiful floofed. It rained here and we have ANOTHER mouse. It woke me at 3am. I had 4 traps set with washed mousetraps and a big juicy lump of fresh especially bought peanut butter.
    I need you so much. I think it’s got a driving license that lets it negotiate around the room.
    I need help. 😩

    1. Why don't you print off a photo of Poppy!x
      ALL Floofed up and show it to the mouse...
      I'm sure it will die of fright..! :).

    2. I love that idea but I am in bed working on my iPad. Can’t print. But dear Willie you are a joy to read from wherever you are, Funny isn’t it to be opposite sides of the weather world. I long for spring.

    3. We have re routed the traps. Can mice really be smarter than us. I think the answer is yes. Will keep you updated. What do you think Poppy ? Any suggestions from you ?

  2. So you and Mum are just being a couple of floofs..
    Floof..? Floof..? I had to look it up....
    Floof (derived from "fluff") is an adjective used to
    describe a ridiculously fluffy object or an animal
    (usually a long-haired cat or an equally hairy dog).
    Well..I don't think you look ridiculous..I think
    you look lovely..! :o).

  3. Your cat is absolutely adorable! You look so cute floofed Poppy. Over here, it is scorching hot. Not need for floofed coats or woolly jumpers. Thanks for the share, loved reading this.
    World of Animals

  4. Aren't you glad you're a kitty, Poppy? Floofing is SO much easier for us!

  5. You look so cute and cuddly all floofed up, Poppy.

  6. You look like a breath of wind could blow you away, Poppy.

  7. Ha! Mum is trying to wear the least and lightest clothing since it is so warm here!

  8. poppy....ya look gorgeouz all floofed ....round heer we stay un floofed coz itz blazin ~~~~~ ♥♥

  9. No cold can possibly get through all that beautiful floof, Poppy! We are dying of the horrible heat and humidity here! We are very thankful for our air conditioning.