Friday, July 20, 2018


We're ready for this weekend to begin.  Mum has stocked the fridge, washed her uniforms and done a couple of chores.  Then she relaxed and ate her dinner and watched a movie ( Battle of the Sexes). Now she is about to put the call phone on.  Being on call means she has no plans to go anywhere, so that she can sleep all day if she is busy at work.  She has books and movies and the forecast is for rain.

Me - well I have eaten, licked my furs, talked to mum and and ready to hibernate too.


  1. We've got thunder storms forecast for later,
    up the north and south~west, where l live!
    The gardens certainly need the rain, do they
    ever, though the hose~pipe ban introduced on
    Monday, has been lifted! Strange that!

    Sounds as though you and Mum have your day
    all sorted Poppy!x And, your ready to
    hibernate..HeHe! Oh! Well! Nite! Nite! :).

  2. That sounds beautifully organised. You certainly have lots of lovely fur to lick poppy. I expect it takes as long to do that as it takes mum all her time doing chores.
    We have a switch in our outside water pump that sends water to the house. It keeps playing up so I rang the electrician at 7.30am and he sent his assistant to fix it in less than an hour. Suddenly it broke down again at teatime. The assistant was here in half an hour. Fingers crossed it’s sorted now. Please cross your paws

  3. Look at your gorgeous face Poppy ... & your furs all cleaned & fluffed out!! You are So cute. Hope you & Mum have a great weekend & Mum doesn't get too many call-outs.

  4. That's good that your human is prepared, but being on call sounds like not a fun way to work. My human was on call for jury duty a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't make any plans for a week - then they never called her in.