Friday, July 13, 2018

Finally Friday

 This morning, as mum left the house there was a rainbow across the city which mum admired.  There was no time to get an Instagram beautiful shot - as soon as she took these it then clouded over and rained.  Poor mum got wet.
Work went quickly.  Then mum raced home.  She greeted me at the door, dishes out my feast.  She cooked up her dinner - some roasted spicy chicken with some slaw.  Tasty and quick.

Mum has the whole weekend off from work - yippee.


  1. Reminds me of that old 60's song Poppy!x
    By Cilla Black...

    I can Sing a Rainbow....

    Red and yellow and pink and green
    orange and purple and blue
    I can sing a rainbow
    sing a rainbow
    sing a rainbow too..

    Listen with your eyes
    listen with your eyes
    and sing everything you see
    you can sing a rainbow
    sing a rainbow
    sing along with me...
    (HeHe! Sorry...can't remember the rest)...! :).

    AND..Great news..Mums off for the weekend, that'll
    be great fun..You'll both find lots to do...
    And Poppy!x Not to much sleeping mind..spend some time
    with Mum..HeHe! Bless!x

  2. What lovely photo that is of the rainbow. It is truly a symbol,of hope.
    I think in a previous life mum must have been an artist and a cook. I do believe she could do a great cookbook. I wasn’t hungry today and just had chips for tea. Now my mouth is watering. We do have some boneless chicken thighs in the fridge. They do a great one pot cook with rice and onions and a good stock. Not keen on celery) Courgettes on the side then next day chicken sandwiches for lunch and soup for tea. But they won’t look pretty like that !
    Have a lovely weekend you two. Stay warm. It was minus 6 this morning here

  3. What does your mum use to dress the slaw? It looks soooo appetizing!

  4. That was a spectacular rainbow, Poppy.

    We hope you both have a terrific weekend!