Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Mum just took this snap of me doing my main job if being chief bedwarmer.  I am keeping her spot hot.  She is watching the end of Grey's Anatomy and then she will come and join me for a snuggle.


  1. I think that's your most favourite place of all Poppy!x
    On Mums bed...Bless!x

    And l've just seen on TV and checked on line, a total of
    nine Thai boys are out of the cave...and taken to hospital,
    l see they were all invited to the World Cup Final in Moscow!
    On Sunday! But, they have to remain in hospital for at least
    seven days!
    Good news that their o.k. I think it's been quite an adventure
    for them all, there always smiling, probably thinking, this is
    great fun..Yeah! Bless'em..! :).
    A lite candle with a little prayer..works wonders...! (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)

    1. Update....
      ALL twelve boys and Coach are out from
      the cave...! Great News! :).

  2. Such good news Willie. I think Poppy has been on mums pillow.
    I need good news. My husband collapsed this morning and was a blue white. The ambulance came and amazing tests. They thought he had had another heart attack. His blood pressure was low and his heart trading had funny blips. Good news though. A glitch he had overdone it pruning roses. He is now back home and fast asleep. Me? I will be lucky to sleep tonight.
    Poppy won’t have that problem that’s for sure.xx

  3. You are SOooo cute little Poppy - sitting there waiting for Mum to come to bed. I have two bed warmers .... they don't leave me much room on the bed either!!!

  4. Too warm to warm up the bed further around here!

  5. It's a tough job, but somekitty's gotta do it!