Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I am just chillaxing.  Mum was up before the sun this morning and off to work.  She got a pile of groceries on the way home.  Rice with green beans and a slightly too spicy Thai chicken curry was made for dinner.  Mum needs lots of water and maybe a cool apple now.

Mum is trying to be productive tonight.  Recycling was sorted, dishes are soaking, the washing is done.    She still has to wash her face, get her uniform ready for tomorrow, make tomorrow's lunch and put away the left overs.

I think I'll stay chillaxing on mums bed.


  1. If the weather was a bit cooler..l'd be able to chillax
    to Poppy!x It's breaking ALL records over here, hottest
    day ever, up in Scotland, and a warning for the elderly,
    down here in the South..stay indoors or in the shade between
    11~4 during the day! And, fires are springing up all over! :(.
    Another two weeks of it..Dear! Oh! Dear!
    As l write this, the sweat is pouring off me..HeHe! Not that
    you need to know that! :).

    I've got a quilt cover and sheet and pillowcases out on the
    line, they won't take long to dry..then they'll need ironing,
    think l'll leave that until first thing tomorrow morning!
    It'll be a bit cooler then...!
    Lot's of cold drinks, no lemon tea for a while! Think l've got
    a fan somewhere...well..lots really..! Bless! :o).

  2. I am exhausted just thinking of what mum does. What do you get up to when mum goes to work?
    Has she ever put a canera on your collar?love to you both.⭐️⭐️⭐️