Sunday, July 29, 2018

Movie Watching

Mum is excited as she has some time off to go to the film festival.  Today was warm and sunny, but the clouds rolled in and brought some cooler weather back.  In fact the forecast all week is for rain and coolness, which is perfect for movie watching.  She will enjoy not being on call and not having to have any 5am wake ups for the early shift.  I am already enjoying having her home with me, although she won't let me go out with her, I enjoy the sleep ins too.

We hope you like this movie that we saw on line this week of the pussy cat watching a horror movie - enjoy!


  1. The movie is fantastic Poppy!x I'm going to forward it
    to my daughter...Sounds as if the the pussy~cat in the
    video is watching the film..Psycho..! :).
    My George used to sit and watch snooker..every time a
    ball went down a pocket, he'd go round the back of the
    TV to find it...! :).

    We've had wind and rain..ALL night and most of the day,
    wind up to 40~50mph..So much so, l have'nt bothered to go
    to the supermarket to~day..go tomorrow now! The weatherman
    says, back to the heatwave for the rest of the week..still,
    the rain was needed..!

    HeHe! I'll let you know how many times l watch the video....

  2. I am still a little 🤢 and as much as I hate horrors, I watched ‘The Resisident’. Pathetic. But I did laugh at the cat movie. From longeee time having kitties and cats all my life I have to wonder if they are really smarter than us. I would like to write a book on all my wonderful cats. My first I rescued from the Blue Cross. In 1952. My beautiful cat called ‘Meouw’ what adventures we had. I promise the adventures we had would truly enthrall you.
    But Poppy is so lucky . Thankgoodness mum has sometime off.
    Irony ever had 2 cats but how I wish I had kept a kitten or 2

  3. MOL! I'm kind of glad my human doesn't watch scary movies.

  4. Mum doesn't watch skerry stuff so that would not be me. But I was interested in how the cat's eyes got bigger and bigger.