Monday, July 9, 2018


Gosh mum doesn't know why it is so hard for her to sleep on Sunday nights?  The weather here was wild all stormy and soaking rain.  At least we live up on top of a steep hill and are not at risk of flooding.

Still mum got most of another book read between looking for updates on the young Thai boys being rescued from the caves.  Soon enough the alarm was ringing and mum was up and off.  She got half way to work before it started pouring and mum got soaked.

So she is all warm and dry tonight with her woolly slippers on.  Her tummy is full of leftovers and she is nodding off on the couch so she is planning to join me for an early bedtime.


  1. HaHa! Bless! Poppy!x Tell Mum..The umbrella is the best thing
    for pouring rain..though like me, l usually forget it...! :).

    Good news about the Thai boys, they've got four out, hopefully
    the rest over the next few days..l see they have 90 divers
    working to get them out, though sadly one died..! Good luck
    to all of them..!

    Let you get some sleep Poppy!x I can see your settling down
    on your shopping bag..sweet dreams! :0).

  2. With all that wild weather, why I can’t imagi what is keeping mum awake. Awful to get drenched before even starting the day at work. Hope she doesn’t catch a chill. Is that a bag or a pretty top you are sitting on?
    I was checking live news at 4am. The divers stopped then to have a sleep according to my chanel. I think boy no. 5 may be out . What a long way they have to go. I just wish them all the best.
    Tomorrow our roses get pruned. I have always timed it for a few days after our elder daughters birthday. Having that done makes me feel we are climbing back to summer.
    Wear a rain coat and take a brolly tomorrow mum.

  3. Before I retired, I always had trouble sleeping on Sunday nights. I think it was the dread of facing Monday and another work week!

  4. Mum says the pre-Monday sleep was always bad. You know you gotta go to work, but you really don't want to. Mum sleeps just fine now that she is retired.

  5. My theory as to why it’s hard to sleep on Sunday nights may not apply to your mum, Poppy, as she works shifts. However, as it applies to me, I believe that I sleep too little during the week, so I am tired enough to sleep well each weeknight. On the weekend, though, I sleep longer on Friday and Saturday nights, and thus am more rested by Sunday night than I am other evenings. That’s my theory, anyway.