Thursday, July 26, 2018


Mum had a busy night last night.  She was on call and had 4 call ins to work with only a 1.5 hour sleep between jobs.  The good thing was that it meant that she had the day off work today.  She managed a couple of hours sleep.  She did some chores and played outside with me for a while too.

Then she went out for leaving drinks for one of her friends.  The sun was lively and warm and mum enjoyed the short walk to the pub.  Someone asked yesterday about the sunbeams at our place.  We get the afternoon sun in our room which is increasing every day as the winter moves along.

So we are off to bed now - mum has her fingers crossed that she can get go sleep tonight.


  1. Goodness! Me! Poppy!x
    When l first saw those photos..l thought you were
    waiting for a train...! :).

    That's lovely..Mum had a day off work..With you
    and some friends..we are boiling over here, the
    weatherman says the Temp. will reach 35, to~day
    or tomorrow! Phew! So lot's of iced drinks to keep
    cool...! :).

    Sweet dreams you snoring..HeHe! And..that
    means you Poppy! Bless!x

  2. Is that the border of your domain, Poppy?

  3. I hope your human can get a good rest - less than a couple of hours between calls isn't very much!

  4. It was nice to have your mum home with you, but I hope she gets a better sleep tonight.

  5. Nice you got some time with your mum to play. Our days are getting shorter, but not so much that you really notice yet.

  6. It seems it would be much easier to bed down in the hospital on your call out nights. All that coming and going must be awful. Surely there is a sick room where you could lie with your uniform on and a blanket over you, and the hospital would have fast access and save on taxis. I do feel for you.
    It looks like poppy is getting a great back garden. Are those beans you are growing up the fence ?