Sunday, June 3, 2018


Mum feels better after a good 7 hours sleep last night and I feel good after my 20 hours.

She gets organized at night time.  underwear and uniforms are laid out for the morning.  Lunch is made and in the fridge and her bag is all packed. 

my water and food bowls are checked to make sure that they are full.  Aren't we lucky?


  1. HeHe! Bless! Mum is certainly organised...
    Hope she remembers that the underwear, goes
    under the uniform..! :). That's why it's
    called underwear..!!! :o).

    I've just got home, been to the supermarket,
    visited some friends for coffee, it's quite
    hot now, must put the shopping away, put the
    chicken in for roasting, got some ironing to
    do, and the bed needs making up...So, best
    get on with it, though cuppa tea, and an
    almond slice first...! :).
    HeHe! Me to...! Aren't l lucky...! :).

  2. What a difference a good night makes. Thankgoodness. Well poppy you had a good day AND night by the sound of it. I love the way mum is so,organised. To think she is still making lunches too. Thats dedication.
    You look sooo cute I can’t make out whether you are upside down or inside out. Where are you?
    Love and kisses xxx💕 🐭 😴

  3. I wish my human had been so organized this morning - usually she puts out her therapy cat visit clothes the night before but didn't this time, and for a bunch of different reasons, we wound up scrambling to get ready!

  4. I get ready for the next day the night before, too, Poppy. I think it helps to be organised, though with cats, I am usually later than I want to be anyway.