Monday, June 18, 2018


Mum has started her long 7 day stretch today.  4 evenings followed by 3 night shifts over the weekend.  It is pouring down again so she us going to stay home in the day and read her books.  I live it when she us home and got lots if snuggles today.  She even played with me and a pen under my shopping bag - bliss.


  1. Does Mum read to you Poppy!X Something like..
    'The Cat in the Hat' or 'Grumpy Cat' or even
    "Dick Whittington'..that one would certainly
    put you to sleep...! :). Not that pussy~cats
    need a lot to put them to sleep...After some
    snuggles of course..! Bless!x

  2. A rough week for mum but great for you Poppy. You will have mum home all day for 7 days 😁.
    You will need to tip toe around the house when she sleeps though.

  3. Good luck to your mum on this long work stretch, Poppy. At least YOU got some daytime fun!

  4. Your human sure has some tough work hours!

  5. Have your mum eat plenty and rest plenty when she can, Poppy.

  6. I love it when mum can just stay home with me too. Makes for an enjoyable day.

  7. Poppy, dear, your mum is going to need deep sleep during this long work stretch! Give her your very best purrrrrrs.