Sunday, June 17, 2018


After a week of rain it was nice to have blue skies today.  Mum stayed in bed way too long, and had to hurry to get out if the house at midday so that she could get to the market before it closed.  She bought lettuce, carrots, parsnip, swede, cabbage, pumpkin, bananas and kiwi fruit.

She took a walk in the sun for a while but her shopping bag was rather heavy.  She stopped off to get a loaf of bread and pick up a book from the library.  She took the bus home and got home in time to have a nap.

Mum had to get up to give me my feast and put on her own dinner.  She roasted some chicken drumsticks and pumpkin and cooked some spicy cabbage.  It was the most enjoyable dinner that mum has had in a while.  I have gone to bed and mum is watching a show about Turkey and then might watch the Antiques Roadshow.  She has a busy week ahead and us glad to have a relaxing day today.


  1. Blue skies over here to Poppy!x
    And..It's Fathers Day to~day...had a lovely card
    from my daughter...she always finds me a nice
    funny one..On the front it says...'No1 DAD..You've
    Got Something..NO other DAD in the world has...(open
    it up)..on the inside it says..ME!'..HeHe! :).
    Like Father like Daughter..! Bless her!

    I'm off to the supermarket at ten...all supermarkets
    open at ten on a Sunday..Think l'll get a chicken
    to~day for a change..there always very cheap to buy,
    especially at Lidl's supermarket..! And, a chicken always
    makes for 3~4 meals...! :).

    Oh! Antiques Roadshow...Never miss it..It's just after
    Countryfile over here, on a Sunday, never miss that
    either! Happy Sunday...! ≈(චᆽච)≈

    1. Happy Fathers Day Willie ! Your daughter is a real credit to you. 🌈

    2. Yes! Thankyou! Thankyou! She certainly is...! :).

  2. Glad you have blue skies. It has been raining all morning here and set to continue all day.

  3. What a great photo Poppy. Can tell it’s bright out, your pupils are just little slits. Shows how dark your days have been. What a healthy week mum is going to have. All sounds yummy. We had day two of chicken today with a nice lettuce salad. Made me think it was summer.
    Just finished watching Hobson’s choice. Such a great film.
    So nice mum is starting the week after a nice restful day.

  4. What time does the market close? Anyway, what your mum had for dinner sounds delicious, Poppy, even the spicy cabbage, which I would not normally like. Your mum's meals always sound tasty. I do like the photo of you, Poppy.