Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Restday

Mum decided to have a camp at home day.  sleeping in, reading her book then she got up.  Then it was chore time - washing, vacuuming, dishes, cleaning the bathroom and tidying.  Phew - I'm tired.  Best I lie down.


  1. Well..Mum does all the work Poppy!x
    And you feel tired for her..sounds
    good to me...! :).

    I've just had rather a BIG lunch to~day,
    out on the patio..l've eaten a whole roast
    partridge, with ALL the trimmings, couple
    glasses of red wine..Hic! HeHe!
    All l'm good for now, is to watch a good film,
    from 1945..And Then There Were None...written
    of course by Agatha Christie in 1939...several
    different ones made, but this is the first one!
    Starring... Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Louis
    Hayward...! get on...10min before curtain up....! :0).

  2. Camping at home sounds really nice, Poppy. We can understand you laying down for a snooze ... reading about Mum's chores made us tired, too! :)

  3. Mum is having a restful day too. At least after getting the laundry done. Rainy day here, so resting and probably reading too.

  4. What do you dream about Poppy ? Do you make little twitchy faces ? you sleep 💤 so much I suppose you never run out of mice 🐭 or birds 🦅 in your dreams.

  5. They’re the best days
    The sun is shining here, for now. So I’m off to buy my kitties some beds to sleep in while I’m away
    Have a lovely day poppy and mum xx