Tuesday, June 12, 2018


It was raining sideways when mum got home from work.  So she took her uniform off, put her pyjamas on and climbed into her bed to read her book and declared it snuggletime.  I came over and sat on her leg for a while, until I started the dinner request.  Mum feels she is allowed to have a night off as she had to be up at 5am and was at work by 6.40am.  Early starts seem particularly difficult in the middle of winter.

We hope you all got some snuggletime tonight.


  1. I was awake most of the night Poppy!x
    Watching that stupid Trump and what's his name...
    They finished up signing some document...probably
    to join some exclusive club..what with that and
    Brexit over here, it's all a bit to much!
    Still..World cup starts Thursday, a month of footy,
    that'll do me...!!! :).

    HeHe! I've written this very quickly to~day Poppy!x
    Looks as though yer about to nod off...Bless!x

    1. You wrote what I thought. Good one Willie.

    2. You do have a way with words, Willie.

  2. Ooh you look so snuggly Poppy. If only you could be like Alice in Wonderland, I am sure you would hop out of the page and give me a snuggle.
    Poor mum in driving rain. That’s a real battle. Glad she’s cosy now with a good book.
    We watched David Attenborough tonight. He makes things so interesting. Really put me off the cuckoo though. How on earth can it lay 25 eggs in different nests and have them all look like the resident eggs that to me is a true miracle. Xxxx

  3. The only shift worse is the night shift!

  4. I do enjoy snuggle-time - sometimes more than my beasts...