Saturday, June 2, 2018


It is Caturday here at the the house of Q.  The mumster has big plans.  She is going to eat her dinner - meatballs and vegetables will be done before 7pm.  She is going to watch Britains Got talent and then she is going to head to bed at 8.30pm.  It's tough being an old lady.  Actually she has been working the early shifts the past few days having to get up at 5am ,and in the last 3 nights has only averaged about 5 hours sleep - so tonight she is going to be an earlybird and hit the hay real early.

She was feeling a bit down about being tired and working all the time, so she got herself a lotto ticket on the way home.  One of mums colleagues looked tired, and she told mum about her husband who works 6 days a week and has a 2 hour commute each day, so they don't spend a lot of time together.  Mum asked the man at the lotto shop if he gets a day off over the weekend, as it is his own business and he told mum that he only gets 4 days off a year.  That made mum feel lucky that at least she gets some days off and her holidays each year.

So we are off to get our relaxing done before it is 8.30pm.  Such a party animal mum (by the way I went to bed at 5pm after I had my fancy feast).


  1. Ah! Poppy!x Tell Mum..Age is between yer ears, ALL in the
    head, Mum has a nice working life, bit hard a times, keeps
    busy, loves her food, and runs around a lot...HeHe! And,
    And, looks after you...That will keep anyone young..! Bless!
    That's my theory..anyhow! :0).

    Just go seven over here, suns out in ALL it's glory, gonna be
    a nice day..on my first lemon tea, l'll watch the news for news
    for half hour, then bathroom, beautify myself, breakfast, out
    on the patio..then off down town...! Job done! :).

    Let you two settle down for the night...have a good one! Sweet
    dreams! Nite! Nite! =(චᆽච)=

  2. I think mum is very sensible eating healthy meals each day. They obviously give her that extra needed oomph to help her keep going.
    It must be horrible to be that tired. I know when I had a very stressful job I would go straight home and run a hot bath and soak for an hour. However not so many baths in homes these days and I think that’s a shame.
    Don’t get run down mum. Try for more days off. Once you go down it is hard to get back. Love to you both xxx.

  3. My human works at home, and she still has a hard time getting over 6 hours of sleep a night! She keeps thinking she is doing it wrong.

  4. yeah, some days you just gotta get to sleep early and catch up. Mum fell asleep while reading this afternoon.

  5. Poppy, we hope Mum got a good night's sleep. We imagine it must be difficult with the schedule she must keep for work!

  6. I remember seeing a documentary from the 1950s which suggested that in the future, the biggest problem mankind will have is what to do with all the leisure time it will have. It's sad to think that in the '50s, prices versus wages were such that people had to work less then, over all, than they do now. What happened?