Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Mum had big plans to get back into a normal sleeping pattern after finishing her  night shifts.  She read until after 2am and then nodded off.  3am she got woken up by me exploring the wardrobe.  4am wardrobe exploration was interrupted again by grumpy mum.  Then at 5am she got woken up by an upset tummy.

Luckily today was a day of relaxing for us - cos I was tired and needed my sleep.  Luckily the bed was now free for me.  Good luck tonight mum.  The good thing is mum says she is exhausted and ready to nod off.


  1. Poor ,sweet mum what a night and what rotten luck. When I was little and been ill, my dad would cut up tiny cubes of white bread. Sprinkle with sugar and add hot milk. I loved it and it always made me feel better. A very Victorian recipe but lovely.
    Sleep well tonight mum and you be thoughtful Poppy.
    I found a mouse in the trap in our bedroom this morning. Thankgoodness, it had been driving me nuts. Xxx

  2. HeHe! Perhaps Mum ought to sleep in the wardrobe Poppy!x
    Then you can have ALL the bed to yourself...! :).

    It's very hot again up to 29...hottest in the North East,
    and down here in the South West..l had to water my hanging
    baskets three times yesterday..all drooping a bit..o.k. now!
    Washing to go out..that soon dries to...Phew!

  3. We hope your mum gets back to her regular sleep time soon. Hopefully, you can play during the day and sleep at night when mum is. You have a nice bed to relax in. Maybe a good book again will make her go to sleep much better. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  4. I can see why you'd be tired, Poppy. I'll bet your mum is tired, too.

  5. You need to let your mum get some good rest. You both need a nice long quiet night of sleep. No exploring the wardrobe.

  6. Poppy, you really should let your mum get some sleep.