Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Because mum is on shift all week she has allowed herself sleep ins which were lovely.  Winter weather makes a late wake up perfect as it is much more cosy to stay curled up and resting.

She has given herself a couple if chores to get done.  Today was washing and hoovering.  Also dinner for the next 3 nights have been made - a veggie mash and meatballs.  Lunch was a toasted sandwich and breakfast was a banana.

Today's viewing was a documentary on the art of Ancient Egypt and an episode of Grand Designs.  Hiw civilised of mum - it is hard to find good shows to watch.


  1. I'm sure with your help Poppy!x Mum gets
    herself all organised and ready for the
    day ahead! And well organised with the
    food to...did you get a meatball to play
    with...! :). HeHe!

    I like watching viewing documentaries on
    Ancient Egypt..usually on BBC4 over here,
    and you never know..l might just see my
    'Mummy'...! ooops!
    Have fun you two....Bless! (≅ᆽ≅)

  2. Nothing is as good as a cosy lie in when you wake. I enjoy The Chase at 5pm most days. It’s always good to get the answers right and to hear the ones you get wrong explained. A bit of brain stimulation for me must only be good.
    Is a banana all you have for breaky? My man has that with porridge and then banana on toast and. He is so thin. I just have some porridge. Keeps me going for hours.
    Sleep well Poppy and don’t get up to mischief when mum is at work.xxx