Friday, June 15, 2018


Mums day at work was busy today.  There were after work drinks for a colleague that was leaving to head overseas.  Mum was there at 4.30pm and enjoyed talking with her workmates but the bar was busy and loud.  The girl who was leaving didn't arrive until 6pm, by which time mum was keen to say her goodbyes and leave.  It made her feel old but she had to get to the supermarket and stick up on feast and by the time she got home to me it was after 7pm.

The group had a plan for dinner too, but as the reservations were not until 8pm mum couldn't face eating her dinner at 9.30pm.  It made her feel very old and set in her ways, but she is happier to be home with me for a nice 10pm bedtime.

Tomorrow is a big day.  She has a study day from 9am- 2pm.  Then there are lots of people in town for tomorrow nights rugby game between the New Zealand All Blacks and the French Rugby team. 


  1. Old! Old! Old! What's that....! :).
    I feel like a million dollars...ALL
    green and crinkly...HeHe! Just laugh
    at the world, that's the best thing,
    it's full of idiots anyway..just look
    at the politicians..and Mum is right,
    waiting for dinner at 9:30..that will
    never do..l'd be chewing on the cushions
    on the settee by then..! :).

    Oh! Yes! Rugby on tomorrow...and loads of
    other sport cup, three games on
    as well...great! Busy weekend then..! :).

    And Mum..If yer set in yer ways..good for work hard, take one day at a time,
    you've family, friends, but most of all...
    You have a lovely grey fury pussy~cat who
    loves you to bits...Bless! x

  2. We are the same sometimes hubby will ask. Do you want to put on a movie
    I’ll look at the clock and think it’s eight o’clock. Too late to start a movie now I’ll be in bed before the hour is out!

  3. Mum, you are getting your words mixed up.
    You are NOT old you areTired. No wonder the hours you keep for work and the way you clean your and do the washing And do all your own cookinging.If only Poppy could whisk her tail around the house to have the dusting done and have a nice 🐭meal on the table ready for you. Though I expect it would be a fancy feast or a little mouse. But the thought would be there.
    🍽 πŸ₯«πŸ” 🐭 πŸ§€ πŸ™€

  4. poppy Q....mumz knot old.....herz just like 98.9 purrcent oh de rest oh de werld !! ☺☺♥♥

  5. Loved reading this post today Poppy Q ... because this is exactly how I feel. I always hope that when folk invite me to something ... it is not too late. I think its perfectly okay that we prefer to be at home tucked away with our furry friends.

  6. I'm always ready to eat, Poppy, even at 9.30, but by that time, I want to eat in the privacy of my own home, in peace and quite.