Monday, July 29, 2013

Mumster Monday

So you know a week ago we had a big earthquake - a 6.5 that shook us up.  Well since then, the paper said we have had over 1500 smaller ones.  This morning, mum was just heading to bed and we had another big shake - a 5.4.  Still there was no damage, but mum says her body feels like it is shaking all the time, like when you have been on a boat all day and get back on shore and still feel like you are afloat.

So mum got to play with me today and take a few awesome pictures out in the garden.  They were particularly photogenic, that might because there was a big bird on the roof that I was watching.  That is the only reason 60% didn't have my eyes closed or with my head turned.

Mum got to see a movie Ginger and Rosa  - she would only give it a 2/5  There was something just off about it.  The actors in it were interesting, but the story was a bit disjointed and tried too hard, when I was left a bit cold and didn't have a connection to any of them.

So mum got home in time for the feast and made herself some chicken pasta for dinner. Now she is happy as The Middle is back on tele, one of her faves.


  1. My human says she knows that feeling of thinking the earth is always shaking - she has been through a couple of really big earthquakes here in southern California (she missed the one in 1994, but was back home for all the aftershocks). I hope that last big aftershock is it for a while!

  2. Can the birdies help Mum NOT notice the quakes? Actually, nothing could make ME not notice so... never mind.

    I hope that's that as far as earthquakes. Goodness gracious! srsly.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. You look a picture Poppy...!
    You should be on the front of a cat-alogue...! HeHe! :).

    Those awful tremors...Though you don't look to shaken...Well done!x

  4. That's a terrific shot of you, Poppy. We sure wish the earth would stop shaking where you live! Want to join us in Ontario? Summers would be okay, but the winters.....Brrrrr!

  5. Oh noes! Earthquakes need to stop...NOW! Stay safe!

  6. You're always photogenic, Poppy Q. As for the earthquakes, one would 1,500 would be enough, really.

  7. 1500?!?

    Holy cats. You Kiwis are a brave bunch!

  8. The shaking is very unnerving indeed. Glad you got to spend some of the day in the sunshine - beautiful days!
    Love Leanne

  9. poppy Q...glad this quake dinna coz any trubull for ewe ore yur houz or yur friends....we hope they quit N like quik...thatz WAY two manee times for de earth ta bee shakin ...pleez ta stay safe....

    N STOP WATCHIN BURDS ~~~~~~~~~~


  10. You a having an exciting Monday. That kind of excitement I can live without. Sorry the movie didn't live up to expectations, I hate getting all worked up to see something and it falls flat. You need to see the heat, with Sandra bullock and the girl from mike and Molly. I don't remember her name, funniest movie I have seen in a long time. I think you could do with the laughs. xxx

  11. OMC Poppy, that sounds furry scary! We hopes you and mum both stay safe and sound through the quakes and the shakes.

    Lovely photo of such a pretty girl!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku