Thursday, July 11, 2013

Early Weekending

Mum and I are starting the weekending early at Chez Q.  A quick visit to the library to stock up on books and CDs.  Fish and chips for mums dinner and surprise surprise - it is the feast for me.  Tis a chilly night in our city, so mum has turned the heaters on and is about to swap her shoes for some fluffy slippers.

Mum is watching a program about extreme horders.  She is getting the urge to clean out the closets.  Time to clear out stuff she doesn't use.  The washing machine will be starting up soon, as soon as mum finishes work for the week, she cleans the uniform and dirty clothes straight away as they are ready for the following week.

Hope your weekending starts soon.


  1. My human needs a LOT of work in the de-cluttering area. She is not extreme, just bad.

  2. Still very hot over here Poppy..!
    Home a bit early to-day...Just gonna go out and trim the grass, and, have a general tidy up....Point the flowers in the same direction...HeHe!

    Have fun now...!!!x

  3. I suspect your mum is a long way from being a hoarder, Poppy. Besides, saving a few things isn't bad. I just wish I could find a way to hoard money...

  4. The hoarding shows always give me the urge to clean out something, too! Investigating the discoveries is something my cats enjoy :)

  5. poppy Q...stuffz lookin good at chez Q


    N fish N chipz iz soundin prettee good...mite wanna ask yur mum ta trade off...ewe haz her fish N chips N her can haz yur fancee feast !!

    happee earl lee weekend start

  6. Your Mom is smart to get the wash done and ready for next week!

  7. Mum can't wait, us either for the weekend.