Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Hump Day

Hooray for hump day, two days to go and we are hanging out for the weekend already.  My eyes are feeling better, mum thinks they are looking good.  She has to take me back to see my vet on Friday.  I am still sneezing, and we might need to do a blood test and see if I am growing some bugs.  I have been on anibiotics since Boxing day and mum is hoping that things settle down for me soon.

Have a good hump day everybuddy!!


  1. Miss Poppy, I did enlarge your photo, and Me think your eyes look totally normal !
    But I love to purrs and paws crossed for you for 100 % sure, you got no bugs !
    Good Luck on Friday and Take care

  2. That is a long time to be on antibiotics! I too hope things settle soon, Miss Pops! For your sake as well as for your Mom's!

    Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  3. We hope your vet visit goes well, Poppy. ABs since Boxing Day is a long, long time. We sure hope you get off them soon and stay healthy!

  4. You look really cute sitting on your table. I hope the bugs go away.

  5. Gosh it has been a yucky bug poppy Q caught - hope the sneezing stops soon.
    Love Leanne

  6. yur eyez iz lookin good poppy q just like de rest oh ewe....

    N if we may bee sew bold az ta say what ta grown N what knot ta grow;

    but ya mite wanna stay a way frum growin bugs N try a nice patch oh....potatoez... for havin friez later on...

    catnip wood be nice; sum catgrass

    just knot bugs poppy fishes two ewe at de ewe noe wear place

  7. Looking good, Poppy! We have our paws crossed for a very good vet visit.

  8. It sounds like you have had a very frustrating and persistent bug that won't go away! Paws crossed that the antibiotics finally kick it out of your system!

  9. Your eyes are looking big and bright. We hope those bugs are all gone now.

  10. Maybe you have an allergy that is causing both the sneezes and the eyes!

  11. Have they done a culture to determine what "bug" you have? You may need an antibiotic more specific for that particular bug in order to get all better. We are praying hard that your vet visit goes well. Kisses and hugs.