Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February

One more day of work for mum - then she gets to join me for a bit of relaxing and fun.  Today was busy for her at work again, so she is glad to be able to have the evening to sit on the couch.  A stop at the supermarket for some Salmon, Steak and Chicken (all for mum), salads, fresh bread rolls, noodles and fruit with  chicken nibbles and salad for dinner.  Fancy feast has been served to me.   Washing is loaded in the washing machine and an outfit is picked for tomorrow.  All other chores are on hold  - it is the final of the Block, the Australian show where four couples renovate four houses.  Mum loves that show, even though she googled the results and knows who wins anyway.

Watering the garden, washing her face and putting the groceries away will be done in the ad breaks.

Hope you are all doing something nice for yourselves on Friday night!!  Take it easy and do something that makes you smile.


  1. Humans and their TV shows - Poppy, you and I know the best TV is watching critters!

  2. Mmmm... salmon. I haven't had any all week so it sounds extra yummy! Enjoy your evening, lovely ladies!

  3. Your human is most efficient, Poppy. We wish we could say the same for ours! Have a great weekend. XOXO

  4. poppy Q...tell yur mum ta contact de block N tell em EWE can do just az good of a job...

    chez Q's lookin good !!!

    hope ewe enjoy yur week oh end az well and try N sneek sum salmon frum her plate....

    better yet...her could at leest give ewe a small slice; after all ya DID bring de red car bak without any ticketz !!

  5. We will be snuggling with mum tonight. It has gotten furry cold again. Glad you and your mum have good eats as well.

  6. Your mum is sooo efficient. Our mum seems to get stuff started but it all goes awry. We'll probably be napping the evening away on the couch.
    Have lots of fun, friends.

  7. Sounds like the purrfect way to end the day!!! Have a fun weekend :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure, Tiger, JJ and Julie