Sunday, February 17, 2013

Super Sunday

 Today I was helper cat in the garden.  Check out the size of the weed = bigger than I am!!!
 Mum started a new book, perfect for reading in the sun, but better for reading in bed.  Especially as the past two nights we have felt the beginning of a chill in the air.
 Luckily the sun has still been shining in the daytime, perfect for gardening and painting your toenails bright pink.
Dinner tonight was steak with a fresh tomato salsa and roasted potato/carrot/pumpkin.  I think that is five servings done for the day once mum has an apple for dessert.  Mmmm and mum got to eat it while watching NZ masterchef.


  1. Uh-oh, Poppy, it sounds like fall is coming your way! Better enjoy the weather while you can.

  2. It just got warm there and already a chill? That's no fair!

    I just did turquoise toenails. I have decided that it was FUN but it is not my favorite. I think next time will be an orangey reddish kinda thing! :)

    Julie, you will get a kick from the comment left on my post from yesterday (I pasted it into today's post). Do you know "Ellen in Oregon"?

    Have a perfectly lovely day, lovely ladies! big hugs xoxo

  3. Mom is going to try and copy the recipe for those veggies. Yum!

    Love the toesies. Can Mum paint your toenails too, Poppy?

  4. What is with your summer, dear girl? It seems weather has been crazy all over the world.
    When your mum says pumpkin, we think of those big fiberous, orange things we cut for Halloween. Do you know what variety yours is? Our mum is a veggie nut and would love a new addition to her plate.

  5. We are so looking forward to getting our summer back! Maybe Mommy will paint her toenails, too.

  6. It is hard to believe your Fall is approaching! We are having warm and cold days on our way to Spring!

  7. Sorry to hear your Fall is approaching, Poppy. Glad you were able to enjoy the weather with Mum today. :)

  8. today we had some winter sun so as we get warmer your get colder, hope you have lots more sun before then!

  9. My Mommeh thinks the roasted veggies look delicious!

  10. We hopes the sun keeps you warm for a long time. Cuz we aren't getting rid of winter any time soon.

    Enjoy the garden, Poppy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. Poppy, do you help your mum in the garden by telling her what to do while you rest in the sun? My mum likes to paint her summer toes bright pink too, but alas, winter and the cold are here and summer is a long, long way away.

    meow, jessica

  12. My toesnails are red... with sparkles in them...
    Dinner looks really good.
    I don't know about you two ladies, but I am hankering for Autumn... 27c is too hot for me.